Leaf Blower Man


“Leaf Blower Man”

Written and Sung by Joe J Thomas

(a parody of The Beatles “Nowhere Man”)

Leaf Blowers: The bane of every home audio studio and napping youngster (or oldster!).

Here’s How I turn frustration into creation… Time for a Parody Song!

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Singing Impressions


Singing Impressions

A new demo from Joe J Thomas

13 Voices in 60 Seconds: Singing Impressions by Joe J Thomas

… and the LP Audio Version for those that want to hear more:


More information at: JoeActor.com
Singer: Joe J Thomas
Audio Producer: Mike Finkel
Voice Coach: Charles Ion

Copyright Joe J Thomas (JoeActor.com) 2016
All Rights Reserved
Not a Quinn-Martin Production

How This Demo Came To Be…

As a bit of background, I’ve been singing for several decades. Musical theatre, choir, stage performances with bands… Even traveled with an Elvis impersonator. All of it laid a great foundation. However, it had been a while since my last public performance. Most of my singing now is in the car or for the occasional animation audition.

So, I’d decided to brush up on my singing early in the year, and sought out a new vocal coach. Turns out there is a great guy who teaches at a local college and also gives private lessons.

After getting some of the cobwebs off and learning some new techniques, it was time to put my training to work.

In early August, 2016, I started working with my voice coach and an audio producer on the tracks for the finished demo. The idea had been rattling around in my head for quite some time, and I was already adept at several singing impressions. My voice coach was crucial in getting me to find the right placement for each singer and song.

I recorded a full or partial take of each song (vocal only), and sent the voice track and backing track to the audio producer. We’d also worked together in the past, so he was familiar with my voice and able to give precise feedback on what needed to be tweaked.

Once the base tracks were in a rough edit phase, I enlisted the ears of my wife, and several of my good friends. Each of their feedback went into my decision on which tracks made the final cut.

The last step was for my audio producer to assemble the tracks into a balanced, finished demo.

As a side benefit, I also picked up a lot of new knowledge and techniques.

Now… On to the next challenge!

See you in the booth,


All content written and voiced by Joe J Thomas online at: JoeActor.com



Ban Ki-moon Tune!


Ban Ki-moon Tune!

Even an incomplete project can be a fertile testing grounds for growing new skills and fostering creativity. Here’s just one recent example from Joe’s Dump…

Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations, didn’t have a song!
I couldn’t believe nobody had made one. Seemed like a shoe-in for a viral hit 😉

So, I created one for him – a parody of Herman’s Hermits “I’m Into Something Good”:

      Ban Ki-moon Tune! (Joe J Thomas)

Sometimes my initial goal gets expanded and leads to a more complicated project.
This time, I though I’d make a music video featuring a cartoon version of Ban Ki-moon!
Ambitious considering my level as an animator and the limitations of the software.

In the end, the video never came together… but I did learn some very valuable techniques for future projects:
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Singing For VO


Singing for Voice Over

Singing offers a lot of tangible advantages to anyone in Voice Acting.
For those of you who sing, I know I’m preaching to the choir! (rim shot)

But how long has it been since you’ve had a refresher?
And if you’re in VO and don’t sing, why not?

Although I’ve been in many musicals, sung with choral groups, and even performed musical improv, it had been a few years since I really sang.

Time for a tune-up!
I recently started taking lessons with a new teacher, and it’s given me a renewed sense of confidence in my vocal abilities.

Here are just a few of the areas singing can help with:

  • Tone:
    The pitch of your voice… high, medium, low (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone Bass)
  • Breathing:
    Proper breathing allows you to better control your sound.
  • Timing:
    Learning musical rhythm can help in setting your pace for both segments of the copy and for the overall read.
  • Vocal Placement:
    Chest voice, Head voice, Throat, etc. Placement is especially useful in creating characters and accents.
  • Core Support and Strengthening:
    A strong core is related to your breathing, and can give you more power and energy in your voice.
  • Volume Control:
    Knowing when to sing soft is just as important as being able to belt out a tune. Having a solid control of your volume takes practice.
  • Conveying Emotion:
    Even in a language you may not understand, songs can elicit a great deal of emotion. Learning how to deliver that to your audience is directly applicable to VO work.
  • Communication of Ideas:
    Clear communication is another win for any voice work. Knowing how to form your words and phrases so that they convey ideas is the core of it all.

My friend Marc Cashman even has a chapter in his book “V-Oh! Tips, Tricks, Tools and Techniques to Start and Sustain Your Voiceover Career” dedicated to the concept of “Finding the Music in Copy”. Here’s a short excerpt:

“Copy or text is musical. It has ebb and flow and different keys. It has sharps, flats, rests, words that are held, chopped off, high or low, soft or loud, all the same emphasis or wild ups and downs, with dynamics and crescendos. Copy reads (or plays) like a story/song, with a beginning, middle and end.”

(Marc’s book is available on Amazon, or click here to order an autographed copy)

Sometimes, I’ll even sing the copy just to get a different feel for the way it flows.

Do you sing? If so, how long has it been since you performed or had lessons? It might be time for a refresher to tune-up your instrument!

To close, here’s a number that I’ve been working on.
It’s called “I Won’t Send Roses” from the musical “Mack and Mabel” – Enjoy!

      I Won't Send Roses (Joe J Thomas)


All content written and voiced by Joe J Thomas online at: JoeActor.com



Strange Music


Strange Music

Music can connect on a deep level with us. And getting a song out to the masses today seems easy, even though the competition is greater.

Back in the days of pressed vinyl, you’d need some chops, some luck, and a lot of work to get an album made. That’s why when I stumbled on some rare music years ago, I squirreled it away – not knowing when I’d use it, but just because it seemed special.

The site it came from was called “Belly Bongo”, and was up from 2004 to 2007. Whoever ran the site decided to take some rare albums and upload them for all to enjoy.
(You can still see the remnants of Belly Bongo by clicking here to visit it on the Internet Archive)

Below are eight (8) samples from a variety of albums. Standard songs with beautiful voices, ballads, jazz, and my personal fave “The Polyphonics”… an all Harmonica group.

Some links to additional info are there too – Give a listen!

Artist: Aidan McNally and his Aidanaires
Album: At The Burmudiana Hotel
Released: 1960’s?
Song: Crystal Caves
(click for more info)

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Carving Meat Loaf


Carving Meat Loaf

In honor of Meat Loaf‘s upcoming birthday on Sept. 27th (Happy Birthday Mr. Loaf!!!)…

Today I’d like to dissect his song “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad“.
Meat Loaf: Two Out of Three Ain't Bad
It’s a great rock ballad from 1977. Packed with deep emotions and hidden meaning, it strikes a chord in me every time I hear it.

But what if we look at it from a few different perspectives:

  • His viewpoint (he’s a romantic)
  • Her viewpoint (he’s a jerk)
  • Neutral viewpoint (psycho-logical)

Here’s how the song is seen in each of these cases:

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Livin’ with Fast Food!


“Livin’ With Fast Food”

(parody song of “Life in the Fast Lane” by The Eagles)

Concept and Lyrics by: Joe J Thomas
Voice, Guitar, and Mix by: Power Salad

Copyright: Joe J Thomas and JoesDump.com 2015
All Rights Reserved
Not A Quinn-Martin Production

—— Lyrics ——
“Livin’ With Fast Food”
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You Don’t Mess with Donald’s Hair!


You Don’t Mess with Donald’s Hair

(a parody tribute for Donald Trump)

Written and performed by Joe J Thomas

      *** DOWNLOAD THE MP3 HERE ***

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Copyright, Copywrong?


Copyright, Copywrong?

*** Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, and I don’t claim to know the law. The following is just my personal experience in one area of copyright… Reader discretion is advised! ***

How is a major record label making money off of my song?

Well, if you do parodies, sooner or later someone’s gonna notice and claim copyright.

For me, that happened with a parody I did of Brad Paisley’s “Mr. Policeman”, and posted it on YouTube. Ironically, my parody is about Legal Disclaimers:

Copyright is a thorny issue, to be sure. I can understand both sides.
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