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The name’s Henderson… Johnson Henderson!

Henderson is a womanizing, self-centered, all around beefcake of a guy – and those are his good points!

Created by the good folks at Pendant Productions and voiced by yours truly, Henderson quickly took on a life of his own. Take a look below for links to his solo episodes “The Henderson Moment” and his first season of the full-cast production “Henderson and Havner“. And credits and info about Pendant Productions is at the bottom.

Ooooohhh, yeah!

*** NEWS!!! ***

Season 3 is airing now!!!
And be sure to check out a full 3-D rendering of Henderson on The Virtual Henderson Project (click here)

Bonus: Valentine’s Day 2016 Special:


Henderson and Havner Season 3 is airing now! (click to jump down to it!)

Henderson and Havner Season 2 is right here! (clicky clicky!)

OR! click here to jump to Season 1 if you haven’t heard it yet…

AND! Click here to listen to the great Solo Episodes!

The Henderson Moment (Henderson’s Solo Episodes)

Broses! Flowers for MEN!

The Henderson Moment: Episode 1 – Personal Hygiene

Broses! Flowers for MEN! (Henderson Moment episode 2)

Culinary Quickies! (Henderson Moment episode 3)

Henderson and Havner (Full-Cast Audio Drama, Season 1)

Henderson and Havner

Bonus: Blooper Reel from Season 1:


Henderson and Havner: episode 1 – “A Meeting of Minds

Henderson and Havner, episode 2 – “An Enchanted Evening”

Henderson and Havner, episode 3 – “All the Fish in The Sea”

Henderson and Havner, episode 4 – “Running on Empty”

Henderson and Havner, episode 5 – “She Wore Something Totally Hot as Usual”

Henderson and Havner, episode 6 – “Mayor, Mayor, Pants on Fire”

Henderson and Havner, episode 7 – “Unsung Hero”

Henderson and Havner, episode 8 – “Cape and Stabby Thing”

Henderson and Havner (Full-Cast Audio Drama, Season 2)

Henderson and Havner

Bonus: Blooper Reel from Season 2:


Henderson and Havner: episode 9 – “Maid in the USA

Henderson and Havner, episode 10 – “The Clothes Make the Man”

Henderson and Havner, episode 11 – “Slankets in the City”

Henderson and Havner, episode 12 – “Pre-Planning the Pre-Plan”

Henderson and Havner, episode 13 – “A Second First Date”

Henderson and Havner, episode 14 – “Crime and Love”

Henderson and Havner, episode 15 – “Second Chances”

Henderson and Havner, episode 16 – “Stars and Garters”

Henderson and Havner (Full-Cast Audio Drama, Season 3)

Henderson and Havner

Henderson and Havner, episode 17 – “Shoo Shoes!”

Pendant Productions Show Information


Henderson and Havner

“Henderson and Havner” is a full-cast, short-format audio comedy. Available for free download in .mp3 format, or as a Podcast!

Podcast feed

Henderson and Havner at Pendant Audio

Featuring the voice talents of:

Joe J. Thomas as Henderson
M Sieiro Garcia as Havner
Philip Weber as the announcer
Tom Stitzer as Chiefy
Kristen Bays as Captain
(and many more per episode)

Written and directed by Jeffrey and Susan Bridges
Scripts edited by Teresa Stacy
“Henderson and Havner” theme by Susan Bridges
Executive Producer Jeffrey Bridges
Produced by Pendant Productions
“Henderson & Havner” created by Jeffrey and Susan Bridges

Thanks for listening!


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