Google Pixel and Project Fi


Google Pixel and Project Fi

My wife and I recently got 2 new Pixel phones from Google. The phones are pretty amazing, and have lots of hands-free features thanks to Google’s assistant. It’s only gonna get better. Information, texting, dialing, directions, translation (both verbal and visual signs), etc.

The other really amazing thing about them that’s been a bit under-reported is “Project Fi”. It’s Google’s cellular service. The pricing’s good, but what’s really interesting is the technology behind it.

Rather than being tied to a single carrier, Project Fi’s sim card can connect to multiple carriers. US Cellular, T-Mobile and Sprint are in the US, and there are foreign carriers too. Even though the networks use different tech for phone calls, that doesn’t matter. Project Fi treats all calls as data, and only uses the 4g and 3g networks (and WiFi when available). Fi automatically switches to the best carrier or wifi signal. Call quality is excellent and all of the switching is seamlessly handled behind the scenes.

For pricing, unlimited calls and texts are $20 per month for the first line, and $15 per month for additional phones on the same plan. Data is $10 per GB each month for each phone. When you setup the plan you choose how much data you’d like. The service is charged in advance for the next month with no long-term contract. If you haven’t used all the data by the end of the month, Google refunds the unused portion. Or if you used more, it just charges you for the extra at the same $10/GB rate. Very simple.

Right now there are only a limited number of phone models that are supported on Project Fi. If you choose a Pixel, you can either pay full price up front, or pay in monthly installments interest free.

Since this is just a cursory overview (and details may have changed), I suggest you visit the following links for more detailed information:

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