The Tragic Tale of WorMagellan


While out walking after a rare southern California rain, I glanced down and saw a hapless worm who had managed to make it halfway across the sidewalk before expiring. This is that worm’s epic saga:

The Tragic Tale of WorMagellan

It was a lovely spring day on the grassy yards of FrontLawnia. All was quiet in the loamy underground court of the King and Queen, when in burst a stranger with the piercing look of a seasoned traveler.

He was WorMagellan, a crackpot known well in royal circles as one who believed the sidewalk was round. “Absurd!”, said the King. “Poppycock!”, agreed the Queen, “Everyone knows the sidewalk is flat!”.

“I’ll prove the sidewalk is not flat by circumnavigating it!”, bellowed WorMagellan.

And so, WorMagellan bided his time. He prepared and planned and watched and waited. When the rains came, and the sidewalk tides were just right, he embarked upon his epic journey!

… Unfortunately, he was wrong.

The End.


2 thoughts on “The Tragic Tale of WorMagellan

  1. Well, this looks even better on paper than it did when you read it to me 🙂 I have one critique, however: I was just starting to get fond of the main character when the author of the piece decided to kill him off. What gives?! Please consider writing a prequel.

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