We here at Joe’s Dump have always had a passion for music. And it shows in the number of posts related to the topic!

Whether it’s parody songs, profiles of singers, politics or just messing around.

Below you’ll find the songs and links to posts related to music and singing… Enjoy!

Voice Acting Comedy Songs:

Alone Again, In The Booth

Pay-2-Play Parody Song

Leaf Blower Man

NDA Blues

Legal Disclaimer Song

Voice Acting Business Songs:

Singing Impressions

Singing For VO

Price of Horror

Video Games Live!

Comedy Songs:

I’m A Virus (parody song)

¡I’m Speaking Spanish!

We’re Shopping At The Mall

But, Dr. ButtDoctor (parody song)

Sixty Candles! (another Birthday Song)

Parody Song! Song

Ode to Obi-Wan

The Hell of Diets!

Livin’ with Fast Food!

Don’t Worry, You’re Fifty! (my birthday song 😉

Herbert the Homicidal Turkey

RoboCall? RoboAnswer It!

Politically Bent Songs:

Fly Trump To The Moon! (parody song)

Dotard Featherhead

Man of Collusion – Parody Song

ObamaCare! (a Halloween parody song)

Ban Ki-moon Tune!

Ballad of Edward Snowden

You Don’t Mess with Donald’s Hair!

Cover Songs

Joe’s Bassment: If I Didn’t Care (Nutcracker!)

Joe’s Bassment: You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch

¿Dónde Estás, Yolanda? (cover song)

Joe’s Bassment: Joehemian Rhapsody

MatriXmas: Jingle Bells

Brown Derby Jump (cover song)

Joe’s Bassment: I Can’t Tell You Why

Joe’s Bassment: Stayin’ Alive

Music and Musicians:

Carving Meat Loaf

Strange Music

Wrong Man For The Job

Hubert Sumlin

Music Monday!


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