Dr Mom! (comedy song)


Dr Mom!

(original comedy song)

Dr Mom!
It’s the 90’s sitcom you never knew you needed!
Dr Mom’s a genius surgeon… until she brings work home!

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      Dr Mom! by Joe J Thomas


Dr Mom!
(original comedy song)
Lyrics and singing by Joe J Thomas of Joe’s Dump
Copyright 2023, Joe J Thomas, Joe’s Dump, http://www.JoesDump.com
All Rights Reserved.
Not a Quinn-Martin Production.

~~~ Lyrics ~~~
Dr Mom!
(original comedy song)
Lyrics and singing by Joe J Thomas of Joe’s Dump

(intro music)

I get home from school and there’s a body on the kitchen table
Dr. Mom comes thru the door and tells me his condition’s stable

Mom’s a genius surgeon with a lot of dedication
But every time she brings work home I’m in need of medication

Down in our family basement is the convalescent ward
In the attic lives a psycho who’s got free room and board
Dr. Mom says it’s all just a temporary situation
But after all this stress I’m gonna need a permanent vacation

Sponge, Wipe, Clamp.
Home. Work. Champ.
It’s the liver and onions she made us for our dinner
But none of us is really sure if it’s cow or if it’s someone’s innards


Dr. Mom we gotta talk, there’s something that I wanna say
It’s sad you lost your job last year but there has to be a better way
You know we love you Dr. Mom with all our heart and soul
I think a new career next year might be a pretty awesome goal

(outro music)

“Dr. Mom is filmed in front of a live studio audience.”

– (fin)


All content written and voiced by Joe J Thomas online at: JoeActor.com



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