R2 Death Star (parody song)


R2 Death Star

(parody of “Grandma’s Feather Bed” by John Denver)

Hear the real Star Wars story… When R2D2 took control of the Death Star!!!

Thrill! Gasp! Exfoliate!

Lyrics and Singing: Joe J Thomas
Graphics & Animation Style: K Woo

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      R2 Death Star by Joe J Thomas


R2 Death Star
(parody of “Grandma’s Feather Bed” by John Denver)
Lyrics and Singing by Joe J Thomas
Copyright 2022, Joe J Thomas, Joe’s Dump, www.JoesDump.com
All Rights Reserved.
Not a Quinn-Martin Production.

~~~ Lyrics ~~~
R2 Death Star
(parody of “Grandma’s Feather Bed” by John Denver)
Lyrics and Singing by Joe J Thomas

– verse 1
Member that time near Alderaan, R2D2 plugged right in
With a beep and a boop he shut down all them Death Star trashy bins
Long as he’s got that S-Comp link how’s about he goes too far
He took control of the whole dang thing – he’s R2 Death Star!
– chorus
Got a million crew, he’s white and blue
The Empire’s running scared
With a Golden Bud, a Scruffy Stud
And a Wookiee full o’ hair
That Superlaser’s heatin’ up
Planet’s blow’d up, then recharge
Just a little droid but don’t you toy with R2 Death Star!
– verse 2
He blasted Emperor Palpatine, Took out the Senate too
Vaporized Darth Vader and had a whole Sith barbecue
Them Clones got fried and just for fun he went after Jar Jar
That tiny beepin’ trash can droid named R2 Death Star!
– (chorus repeat)
– verse 3
Now y’all know the real story ‘bout how the Jedi won
From a tiny droid toolin’ round with a planet bustin’ gun (whoa!)
So next time you’re thinkin’ ‘bout The Force, The Light Side and the Dark
There weren’t no Jedi won that war- twas R2 Death Star!
– (chorus repeat)
He’s a bit annoyed, that little droid – He’s R2 Death Star!
– (fin)


All content written and voiced by Joe J Thomas online at: JoeActor.com



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