Vote For Our Rights (song)


Vote For Our Rights (song)

Dedicated to all my friends and neighbors who believe the USA is headed into darker times…


      Vote For Our Rights (Joe J Thomas)

“Vote For Our Rights”
(parody song of Times Of Your Life by Paul Anka)
Lyrics and singing by Joe J Thomas
Published Independence Day, July 4th, 2022


Farewell my USA. I woke up, when rights were stripped away.
Mass shootings happen all the time. It’s hard to change some people’s minds.
Remember, will you remember?

Our days are ruled by fear. No longer those golden yesteryears.
The good things now have all been seen. And people are angry and mean.
Remember, will you remember to vote for our rights.

They pack the courts and fix elections.
With power and money on their minds.
Scandals ‘bout men and their erections.
But when they are pressed give deflections.

Now here’s the saddest part; Our country is run by white old farts.
Their 1950’s state of mind is out of touch with modern times.
Remember, will you remember to vote for our rights?

The future’s in our hands. I really hope that you understand.
If we don’t do more than complain the country’s headed down the drain.
Remember, will you remember to vote for our rights?
For our rights…
Vote for our rights, vote for our rights.
For our rights…


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