Alone Again, In The Booth


Alone Again, In The Booth

a ballad for voice actors

written and performed by Joe J Thomas

(parody of Gilbert O’Sullivan’s “Alone Again, Naturally”)


In the closet of my room
There’s an email coming soon
And I know it’ll say the part to play
With the motivation too
Got the copy in my hand
Microphone on the stand
Though I read the text
Knowing what comes next
Doesn’t sound like conversation
Leading me to doubt
All about being an actor
But still I send two takes away
Knowing time’s a factor
My agent says OK
I wait and wait all day
Alone again, in the booth

I get in the car and go
Down to the studio
There’s an engineer and producer there
And other people I know
They all lock me up
With some water in a cup
And they talk to me
I speak lines that I am playing
In a funny voice that’s their choice
The jokes I’m slaying
And even though they move their lips
I can’t hear what they’re saying
Today I played an Orc
A Klingon and a dork
Alone again, in the booth

It seems to me that
There are more words written on the page
Than thirty seconds
And agents beckon
Read faster through
Sound slower too

Alone again, in the booth

So now my day is done
With the setting of the sun
Sitting on my butt I finally stand up
To ease my aching buns
When a call comes on the phone
To save me from being alone
It’s my agent guy
Needs to know if I
Do a solid Morgan Freeman
Hanging up the line I resign
Myself to duty
And sitting at the mike again
Oh, my aching booty
Turning on the screen
It’s where I’m meant to be
Alone again, in the booth
Alone again, in the booth


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