Strange Music


Strange Music

Music can connect on a deep level with us. And getting a song out to the masses today seems easy, even though the competition is greater.

Back in the days of pressed vinyl, you’d need some chops, some luck, and a lot of work to get an album made. That’s why when I stumbled on some rare music years ago, I squirreled it away – not knowing when I’d use it, but just because it seemed special.

The site it came from was called “Belly Bongo”, and was up from 2004 to 2007. Whoever ran the site decided to take some rare albums and upload them for all to enjoy.
(You can still see the remnants of Belly Bongo by clicking here to visit it on the Internet Archive)

Below are eight (8) samples from a variety of albums. Standard songs with beautiful voices, ballads, jazz, and my personal fave “The Polyphonics”… an all Harmonica group.

Some links to additional info are there too – Give a listen!

Artist: Aidan McNally and his Aidanaires
Album: At The Burmudiana Hotel
Released: 1960’s?
Song: Crystal Caves
(click for more info)


Seven more songs below!

Artist: The Billy Beau Trio
Album: Live! At The Blueport Lounge
Released: 1958
Song: T-Bone Shuffle
(click for more info)


Artist: Billy Fane
Album: The Billy Fane Trio
Released: 1950’s?
Song: Hose Pipe Twist
(click for more info)


Artist: Gary Schneider
Album: Just for Fun, Just for Friends
Released: 1970
Song: Tico Tico
(click for more info)


Artist: The Islanders
Album: The Enchanted Sound Of The Islanders
Released: 1960’s?
Song: Tornado
(click for more info)


Artist: Nadine Jansen
Album: Ala-Mood
Released: 1960’s?
Song: Ala-Mood
(click for more info)


Artist: The Polyphonics
Album: Zounds! What Sounds
Released: 1950’s?
Song: Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland
(click for more info)


Artist: The Trilogy
Album: Two Sides Of The Trilogy
Released: 1970’s?
Song: The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
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