How Do I Get Into Voice Over?


How Do I Get Into Voice Over?

We hear it all the time… It seems like a simple enough question, but in truth it may as well say “How do I build a house?”

The answer depends on many things, including:

  • Who’s asking the question?
  • What genre of VO are they pursuing?
  • Do they have prior skills?

Here’s three possible scenarios:

Scenario 1: Albert
Background: Professional name screen actor in movies and tv. Would like to get into animated features.
Advice: Ask your agent or manager to start focusing on VO. Take some classes in mic technique if needed.

Scenario 2: Betty
Background: Was in radio for years, now retired. Wants to get into narration.
Advice: Take some acting or improv classes, along with coaching for a more natural VO delivery. Get a VO demo made when ready, and find an agent to represent you.

Scenario 3: Charles
Background: No prior acting experience, but can do some voices. Loves anime and would like to be an ADR VO.
Advice: Start with the basics. Take acting, improv and singing. Learn to build fully-fleshed characters, not just voices. Then move on to VO classes and find a trusted coach. They can lead you from there.

Too often, we rush into answering the question “How Do I Get Into VO?” without considering who’s asking or what they mean. In order for the advice to be truly useful, it must be targeted to the person asking the question.

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So, next time you hear this question, maybe take a step back and consider before answering. It could be much more valuable to the person who’s asking.



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6 thoughts on “How Do I Get Into Voice Over?

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    • Thanks, Harry.

      Great personal perspective coming from the Radio side of the biz. Sounds like you also wore a lot of hats and were well prepared for the business side of things.

      Kudos and continued success,

    • Hi Cynthia. Thanks for commenting.

      I wish I had some advice that I could give, but much of building up your VO career is a personal journey.
      You might try to find a personal coach, rather than a company that provides coaching. Be sure they’re a good fit for you, both on a one-on-one and a career focus basis. Hopefully they can guide you further down the path.

      Best of luck,

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