Cut The Cord!


Cut The Cord!

After years of paying way too much for cable tv, and watching only a fraction of the channels, we decided to cut the cord and go for streaming.

Here’s our main setup:

Hardware: Roku 3 box (connects to tv, streams content)

Paid Streaming:
* Sling TV (20 channels live, including CNN, AMC, History, Food Network, etc.)
* Netflix (movies and original series)
* Hulu (TV series, some movies)
* Amazon Prime (movies, rentals, plus free shipping, etc.)
* HBO Now (most HBO content on demand)
* CBS (most CBS content on demand)
* Google movies (rentals, purchases)

Free Streaming:
* Pluto TV
* Crackle

We also have a second TV with a ChromeCast stick.

There are some great supporting apps and guides you can get on your phone or tablet. The main one we use is “TV Series”. It tracks which episodes you’ve watched, and lets you know when new ones are available.

All in all, we’re getting about 95% of what we used to watch for about half the price.

With more streaming content available as time passes, I’m wondering how long these cable and satellite mega-bundles will last. Plus there are tons of choices on the hardware side: Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Google ChromeCast, Roku, and TV’s with built-in streaming.

Have you “Cut The Cord”?

What’s your setup?

Let me know in the comments below!


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2 thoughts on “Cut The Cord!

  1. I’ve never had cable or satellite TV — even when I was a kid — so there hasn’t been a cord to cut. In the early days it was all antenna channels. Now it’s all Apple TV with a Netflix subscription. We’ve considered adding Hulu, but it’s gotta wait a bit. Money is still tight (yes, that tight).

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