Ballad of Big Jim McBob


Ballad of Big Jim McBob

Parody of “Big Bad John” by Jimmy Dean

As heard on the Dr. Demento show!

The manliest man with the manliest of problems… It’s Big Jim McBob!



Written and Sung by Joe J Thomas
Copyright 2020 Joe J Thomas, Joe’s Dump,
All Rights Reserved.
Not a Quinn-Martin Production

Runtime: 3:04


All content written and voiced by Joe J Thomas online at:


~~~ Lyrics ~~~
The Ballad of Big Jim McBob!
(to the tune of Big Bad John by Jimmy Dean)
/ Big Jim. McBob. Big Jim McBob!
Big Jim McBob was a legend they say
When men did wrong he’d make em pay
With fists of iron and a heart of stone
Manly as hell in a class of his own, that’s Jim
/ Big Jim. McBob. Big Jim McBob!
He could open a jar o’ pickles with one eyebrow
Bust into a bank cuz he’s got the know-how
Run cross country, go straight through a wall
Was the whole damn team when he played football… Yeah Jim
He’d scale a mountain with both hands tied
Kept a pack of wolves right by his side
Grown men would run from him in fear
His piercing eyes never shed a tear, not Jim
/ Big Jim. McBob. Big Jim McBob!
He was a Rhodes Scholar and a Shinto Priest
A blazing inferno didn’t worry him the least
Had a thundering voice that could split the sky
With a tone so lovely soothe a baby’s cry… He’s Jim
A lady’s man with a head full of hair
Kind as a puppy and tough as a bear
He’d jump into his pants like a raging bull
And everyone knew those pants were full… Of Jim
/ Big Jim. McBob. Big Jim McBob!
Now Jim had a woman who he loved strong
Way up in the mountains she done him wrong
She’d laid down a law that he couldn’t heed
And left Big Jim with an aching need… Oh, Jim
They cussed and they argued ’bout who was right
Kept the neighbors up till late in the night
She kicked him out in the cold and the dark
With nowhere to sleep he laid down in the park… poor Jim
/ Big Jim. McBob. Big Jim McBob!
Now you might wonder what was Jim’s sin
The horrible crime that done him in
It’s only one thing lost his castle and crown…
Big Jim just couldn’t put that toilet seat down. Damnit, Jim!
/ Big Jim. McBob. Big Jim McBob!


5 thoughts on “Ballad of Big Jim McBob

  1. Checking in to make sure you’re still chugging along. We haven’t seen you in a while, so I was pleased to discover that you’re doing at least OK.

    Best wishes,
    — C. Recusant

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