Video Games Live!


Video Games Live!

      16 One-Winged Angel (21)

This past week, I had the phenomenal experience of singing in two concerts with the Video Games Live choir. The above clip is our recording of “One-Winged Angel” from Final Fantasy 7.

Video Games Live

Video Games Live ( is a multi-media show featuring video game music sung live by a choir with music performed by a symphony orchestra. There are interactive segments with the audience, guest directors from the game companies, synchronized videos, trivia, prizes, and much more. Truly an exciting concert!

(Amazing Things)

So many amazing things were packed into one week:

* We performed with symphony orchestras for thousands of people

* Our Comic-Con performance was streamed live online for a possible Guinness World Record

* The show had a world premier of a Paul McCartney song for the upcoming game “Destiny”

… but what stood out most in my mind were …

(The People)

* Choir
The choir is composed of students and community members from Glendale, and is ably run by Dr. Peter Green from Glendale Community College. We had the daunting task of learning 16 new songs in two weeks with two rehearsals. Many of the pieces had difficulty timing, harmonies and foreign/alien languages. Everyone did a fantastic job. Truly an accomplishment, and a brand new challenge for me. Guided by Dr. Green, the rehearsals ran fast and efficiently. Kudos to the whole gang!

* Conductors/Composers
Several people conducted the concert. Some were the original composers of the music. The best part for me was that I had met some in the past while working with Blizzard on Warcraft and Diablo III. They were incredible to watch while conducting, yet friendly and accommodating backstage. A real pleasure to chat with and be directed by them.

* Orchestras
We worked with two different symphony orchestras, who I’m sure had been working just as hard as the choir to learn the new music quickly. Both of them were up to the task, and very professional during the performances.

* Audience
The audiences at both shows really got into the music. The interesting part for me was how well they all knew the songs. Here, in this shared experience with the audience, director, orchestra and choir… we all were moved by the music together. Surely, each of them had heard the songs before at home, either playing the games alone, or perhaps with a few friends online. But this was an in-person, live, in-the-flesh show. So powerful when everyone is in the same physical place.

(Take Away)

These shows truely revealed the power of live performances. No virtual on-line world can replace something like this… nor should it ever. I hope there will always be a place where humans can meet and interact in real life. For me, there’s just no substitute for reality and real human contact.


If you’re interested in watching some or all of the concert, an archive is available, as well as many shorter clips on YouTube:

Full Interviews and Performance on Twitch TV
(Concert Begins at the 2 hour, 15 minute point 😉

YouTube: Destiny Union (10min – Paul McCarney world premier!)
YouTube: DOTA 2 (2 min)
YouTube: One-Winged Angel


3 thoughts on “Video Games Live!

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  2. Hey, Joe! Thanks for posting all this. I’m hoping to check it all out with Will later today- I really think he will be intrigued. I know video games have come a LONG way since we were kids- I’m really encouraged that the choir you were a part of worked with symphony orchestras-how exciting for you! And, it gives me hope that Will’s video gaming could be enriching/educational in ways I hadn’t considered.

    • There’s a lot of jobs in the games industry these days. Programmers, artists, casting, directing, voice over, musicians, composers, writers, etc. It’s big business, for sure. Way past pong 😉

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