Joe’s Bassment: I Can’t Tell You Why


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Joe’s Bassment: I Can’t Tell You Why

Cover Versions of Popular Songs in the Key of Bass

As a Bass/Baritone singer, there’s a lot of songs I’d like to sing that are just too high in their original key. So… Welcome to Joe’s Bassment! Where I sing a popular song in a lower key.

This week’s song is “I Can’t Tell You Why” originally by The Eagles.


      I Can't Tell You Why (Joe's Bassment: Joe J Thomas)


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3 thoughts on “Joe’s Bassment: I Can’t Tell You Why

  1. HI Joe, I always enjoy your FB posts, and have appreciated what you do since our first communicay…way back when.. In that spirit, I wish we could have done this song ( I Can’t Tell You Why) as a duet…Might have been fun…
    This is a version I did a while back, and it is one of my favorites. I am singing and playing everything including background parts etc. I hope you enjoy this…and I think it’s cool you like to sing and have the guts to put yourself out here…Not everyone will do that
    Below is a link. Also on that page is other music I’ve created or recreated. (My daughter, Amber Dawn, sings a couple tunes..proud of her…”While My Guitar” is really cool)…Have a blessed day…Jason

  2. Thanks Joe…And when you have time grab a glass of wine, forget the world, fire up a good sound system, and enjoy a relaxing hour or so of music. It always soothes the soul…Jason

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