ObamaCare! (a Halloween parody song)



(a Halloween parody song)

written and voiced by Joe J Thomas

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Obama Frankenstein - ObamaCare

~~~~~~ Lyrics ~~~~~~
(a Halloween parody song)
written and sung by Joe J Thomas

I was working in DC late one night
When my eyes beheld the strangest site
A socialist plan from a Kenyan king
Health care for all was his thing

ObamaCare! It’s called ObamaCare
ObamaCare! Republicans are scared
ObamaCare! They’re pulling out their hair
ObamaCare! It’s called ObamaCare

A tea party rose from deep in the south
With an I.Q. of 3, they froth at the mouth
They’re running the whole Republican show
You could fill a library with all they don’t know

ObamaCare! They’ll use ObamaCare
ObamaCare! Because they’re on welfare
ObamaCare! They’ve got no cash to spare
ObamaCare! They’ll use ObamaCare

The government’s shutting down
Congress is filled with clowns
With all that crap they’re flinging
No wonder their eyes are brown!

The Democrats rule but they don’t have the guts
What they really need is a kick in the butts
Hope and change was the platform that they ran
But 10,000 pages were in their plan

ObamaCare! That is ObamaCare
ObamaCare! The size will make you swear
ObamaCare! You’ll get a glassy stare
ObamaCare! That is ObamaCare

Out of the White House Barack’s voice did ring
Seems he was troubled by just one thing
He opened the door and took a stand
And said “Whatever happened to my single-payer plan?”

ObamaCare! It’s now ObamaCare
ObamaCare! But there’s no single payer
ObamaCare! That went out in a flare
ObamaCare! It’s now ObamaCare

Now everything’s cool, we’re on board with the plan
And ObamaCare is the law of the land
In 2014 if you get the flu
Just visit the doc, say Obama sent you

ObamaCare! You have ObamaCare
ObamaCare! It’ll be everywhere
ObamaCare! Everyone pays their share
ObamaCare! You have ObamaCare

nnnnnggggg! Obama bad!
Boehner you impetuous dolt
nnnnnggggg! Obama bad!
Stop crying you fool!
Oh, just go take a vote!


All content written and voiced by Joe J Thomas online at: JoeActor.com


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