Reverend Blue Jeans?


Reverend Blue Jeans?

(misheard lyrics version of “Forever in Blue Jeans” by Neil Diamond)

We’ve all unintentionally misheard lyrics to our favorite tunes.

I’m taking a crack at intentionally misheard lyrics with this one!

      Reverend Blue Jeans (not by Neil Diamond)

… and here are three Neil Diamond song covers as well (clicky-clicky!!!)

— Reverend Blue Jeans – Misheard Lyrics —
(lyrics and singing by Joe J Thomas)
Monkey socks – Just a thing with pants I draw with chalk
And if you’d like to have a beer we’ll see. Why I drink tea with Reverend Blue Jeans
Funny feet – Oh ain’t they things that you would never eat
But they’re a bargain that won’t go away. Still dressed today in Leather and Blue Jeans
You might be right, it’s outta sight to retire when we’re closing our eyes
I think I found somethin’ round that’s a tartan surprise
Bunny Fox – She’s a dancer that nobody mocks
There is nothing there to fear or flee. It’s two or three, but Never in Blue Jeans
And mystery meat – You know it’s comin’ for your comfy seat
But there’s a warden that don’t wanna play. He’ll have his way, Whatever in Blue Jeans, babe
I need a light. I’ll have a bite of a tire to the bone of that thigh
Cannot abound what I found in his pantry surprise
Runny Clocks! – When they’re seen the people gotta talk
Don’t you ever shed a tear for bees. Or birds or trees A Rebel in Blue Jeans
But those garden fees they pave the way for Tina Fey’s endeavor in Blue Jeans, babe
With zero down and lower annual fees, they’d only be The Blathering Blue Jeans, babe
There’s a body that will just not stay entombed today. Cadaver in Blue Jeans, babe


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