Moose Noir: Wall-Mounted Detective


Moose Noir: Wall-Mounted Detective

Moose Noir: Wall-Mounted Detective

Episode 57 – The Smell of Fur


The City. The city that never sleeps. The city by the bay. The city of a thousand dreams. This city. My city. A city I’d never seen from the dark, ceiling-fanned office. Only glimpses of the next building through the dust-covered blinds on a cleaning-deprived window.

It was a fine north-coast morning when she strolled in – all legs and arms and head and torso… the kind of woman I liked: alive.

She glided into the room like she owned it, sidled over to the window, and while she gazed longingly out she said “I need you, and I think you know why.” Her voice was like a cool breeze on a cold day, but somehow it really got me hot and bothered. Hot like a good cup of Joe. But you can’t get good coffee in this town, not for a nickle, not at night, not with a free three-day-old jelly donut, not anymore.

What was it she thought I knew? I took a long, hard look at her. She threw a glance my way, and that’s when it hit me: No fur! A dame like this always had a fur, full-length or stole… and in some cases a stolen full-length.

I didn’t say a word, but I knew that she knew I knew what news was what. Easy as cake, she walked out the door the same way she came in: sultry and backwards. ┬áNormally I’d say that was odd, but frankly, I was entrapped in the miasma of her retro stroll.

I’d have to put a tail on her… if only I still had a tail. I longed to tell her of the end-times, the days and nights of waiting, watching, wondering where Waldo was. But, truth be told, that was another tale all together…

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Moose Noir: Wall-Mounted Detective is a crime detective thriller suspense mystery series that takes place in a future version of the distant near past.

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  1. Hey, Joe- love this episode, and can’t wait for more. I’m curious-. does our protagonist have any vices(hard liquor, chain smoking,etc…), etc? Perhaps those mysteries will unfold in future episodes…

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