Walking The Earth


Walking The Earth


Exercise as a way of life…

My wife and I like to walk. It’s our daily bit of exercise every morning together. We also work out in other ways, but the walking has become our “thing”. We even have technology to help us measure and keep goals.  I’ve got the Nike FuelBand, and my wife has a FitBit One.

Nike Stats - June 2013

Nike Stats – June 2013

The above image contains my monthly stats for June 2013. I walked about 160 miles, over 320,000 steps, and burned more than 27,000 calories. Whew! Over the past 12 months, I’ve traveled nearly 2,000 miles total… in 12 years, I could walk around the entire earth (assuming I could walk on water 😉

Variety is the spice of work out!

But it’s not all walking, of course. I like a bit of variety, so I also have a BowFlex, do a bit of “Just Dance”, some yoga and even hit the gym occasionally. My wife’s routine varies also – she’s much more into yoga, has a treadmill, and also goes to the gym with me (she got me the membership!)

Cows vs. Gazelles

While we are out walking, we will inevitably see people who are running (or at least jogging). For the vast majority of human beings, this is just not natural… which is why we’ve divide all runners into two groups: Cows and Gazelles. Full disclosure: I’m a cow, so I feel just fine pointing out other cows. Cows just weren’t meant to run – it looks kind of sad and painful and potentially dangerous. Gazelles, on the other hand… Oh, you’ll know a gazelle when you see one. Running is effortless for them. Really quite amazing to watch. But they are in the minority. And no matter how much you slim down a cow, it’s still not a gazelle. Why am I on about this? Because part of finding the right exercises for you is knowing yourself and your body. And being honest about where you are now, and where you’d like to be. When a cow passes us, we just give each other a knowing look, and mouth the word “Moo”. (and now you can too…)

Defunct and Derelict

Exercise fads and phases come and go. Over the years, my exercise has changed with me. In the garage are tokens of “The Spirits of Exercise Past”… a bike, inline skates, hoola-hoop, and a razor scooter. Other past faves even included fencing, tai-chi, and swimming (more like sinking for me). Who knows – I may return to one or more of these. What’s important is that they served their purpose for a time, and I’m still out there being active … Just in different ways.

Staying Fit and Healthy

We all know the rules and how our bodies work. Calories in, calories out. Eat more healthy. Exercise. Drink water. Get sleep (still working on that one). But knowing the rules and following them are two completely different things. Don’t lose hope. Start small. Choose one goal, and stick to it. If you like to walk, go for a few short walks. Bump it up as you get into it more. Sometimes I’ll see someone who’s in terrible shape, but they’re out there walking or biking or at the gym. Good for them! Keep at it and the results will come in time. Always remember: Patience is the final part of the equation, and the most often ignored. Choose a lifestyle you can maintain instead of a quick-fix fad or pill. You’ll be happier and healthier in the long run! (moo)

How do you exercise?

Leave a comment below and let me know what you do to keep healthy!


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