Found in a German Museum


Found in a German Museum

If you’re ever looking for me, you might just find me in a museum in Germany.
No, I’m not that old, or even German!

Over the past several years, I’ve had the good fortune to be cast as the English voice for three different museums in Germany. The videos below are simply beautiful. Perhaps some day I’ll even get to visit these amazing places…

Haus der Berge. Vertical Wilderness (click for web site)

The “Haus der Berge” (mountain house) in Berchtesgaden represents a harmonious interplay of architecture, exhibition and magnificent surrounding landscape. Conceived and designed by ATELIER BRÜCKNER, the exhibition is dedicated to the “vertical wilderness” between the Königssee (a lake) and the summit of the Watzmann (a mountain) in the Berchtesgaden national park. It has been set out as an abstract landscape panorama in which changing light moods are used to give the impression of the four seasons.

Video: Haus der Berge. Vertical Wilderness

Darwineum (click for web site)

The DARWINEUM offers an exhibition on Charles Darwin’s evolutionary tracks and modern animal husbandry in semi-natural ecosystems. The unique nature experience and knowledge world combines adventure, environmental education and science on 20,000 square meters – touch, experience and thinking together.

Video: Darwineum

Museum for Textile & Industry – Augsburg (click for web site)

The treasure of the Augsburg calico factory consisting of 500 books with 1.3 million fabric samples is produced medially.
The Three Graces, which are cinematically produced sculptures 4 metres high, transpose this abundance of samples into the third dimension to let them come alive interactively. With their corporeal nature and size they symbolise beauty, grace and joy in the many colours and patterns.

Video: Museum for Textile & Industry – Augsburg


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