Time Travel Poem


Time Travel Poem

by Joe J Thomas, age 54 (currently)

I had just come back from the past
When a guy showed up and asked
“What the hell is it you think that you’re doing?”
He was all covered in dust
So I told him I was just
Checking what my ancestors were brewing.

“That’s dangerous!”, he said
“You might kill your grandpa dead!”
“Or change the way the future will unfold!”
I said “Who are you to say”
“How I do things yesterday”
“Or where or when that I should come and go!”

“I’m your grandson”, he said to me
“And I’m here to set you free”
“From a life that’s bound by time and space and crap!”
“If you’ll only listen now”
“Of the where and why and how”
“We can exit from this time travel trap!”

“You’re crazy!”, I began
And with that I turned and ran
There was a gun in my desk across the room
“Don’t do it!”, he was pleading
But my shot had left him bleeding
He collapsed and warned about impending doom

“I’m not only your grandson”
“But your grandpa too, my son”
“This time travel has gotten out of hand”
He came back to stop my error
From this loopy, timey, terror
Things just didn’t work out how he’d planned

As he slowly slipped away
My hands began to fade
I’d cursed us both forever to repeat
The time and space went back
As it all faded to black
I returned to wh…


All content written and voiced by Joe J Thomas online at: JoeActor.com



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