The Henderson Moment: Episode 1 – Personal Hygiene


The Henderson Moment

Episode 1 – Personal Hygiene



Hello folks. My name’s Henderson. And this is my moment.

Episode 1: Personal Hygiene.

Didja ever notice that people say “See you later!”, but they never say “Smell you later!”?

That’s because nobody, not even you wants to smell you. So here’s a handy tip from the ole’ Hender-man:

Be sure your equipment is in tip-top shape before heading out on your evening hunt.
I always make sure to give “Sir Squirts-a-lot and the Doughboys” a good lathering in the shower. Heck, if there’s time, I’ll even give ‘em a second lathering, if you know what I mean.

No time? No problem! Splash on a generous quantity of Hai-Karate or Brute for an alluring alternate aroma.

It’s attention to small details, like personal hygiene, that give the ole’ Hender-man the advantage when it comes to the ladies.

Guys, you can thank me with a beer.

And ladies, you can thank me in the morning…

This has been “The Henderson Moment”… yeah!


All content written and voiced by Joe J Thomas online at:


Henderson character origin and idea by Jeffrey Bridges and Susan Bridges of Pendant Audio:



3 thoughts on “The Henderson Moment: Episode 1 – Personal Hygiene

  1. Nice job, Joe! He sounds like …what’s the old term I love… a lounge lizard! (Not sure if there is a (decent) new term..

    • Yeppers, he’s a slimy guy…

      Pendant Audio is working on an audio series featuring him called “Henderson and Havener”.

      He’s a police detective, and she’s a reporter!

      Fun for the whole dysfunctional family 😉

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