Poll: Where Does Your Pet Sleep?


Where Does Your Pet Sleep?

Nez (Jan 2011)

Ahhhh, morning!

I wake up, but my arm is still asleep. Why? Because there’s a cat on it, of course…

Nez (pictured above) was a very shy, skittish cat we got from a local shelter. She hid under the couch for the first 2 months, before moving cautiously to being under the coffee table. Now, as you can see, she’s very comfortable being out and about. Nez is a very sweet kitty, but not very zen (hence the name 😉 ).

Over the years, there have been over a dozen animals in various houses, and each with their own personality and quirky ways. Some like to sleep on the bare floor, some on carpet, in a pet bed, or even an old cardboard box.

Where does your favorite animal buddy like to sleep? Please let me know on the survey, and leave a comment if you have a special story…


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5 thoughts on “Poll: Where Does Your Pet Sleep?

  1. of course it’s usually wherever they please, especially if it’s uncomfortable for their humans but we wouldn’t have it any other way would we? 🙂 the most amazing power they have is immediately rendering us useless for a while – I know nothing I have to do is so urgent that I have to move and disturb their nap! So glad to hear Nez has happy home. My kitties are also happy tails and I can never give them enough hugs, whether or not they like it.

  2. Two months hiding is impressive — my DeeDee hid for 1 week when I first brought her home from the shelter and I thought that was a long time.

    She sleeps anywhere she likes when I’m not lying down, but her favorite places are the dinner table chair behind the table cloth (I think she’s playing cave), the pillow on the couch or one of the pillows on the bed (never the one I use, which is considerate of her).

    If I’m lying down, tho, she’s on top of me — I sleep on my stomach, so she sleeps on my back. I like to think we keep each other warm.

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