I’ve Left My Mind, But I’m All Right Now


I’ve Left My Mind, But I’m All Right Now

April 10th, 2013.

My Page-A-Day calendar informs me of the following bit of trivia:

“Survey Says: 95% Of Us Put On Our Left Sock First.”

“Hmmmm…”, I thought, “I put on my left sock first.”
“And my left pant-leg!”, I continued.
“And my left shoe!”, I stammered.

Ok, so what’s all that mean? Well, obviously I’m with 95% of the rest of “Us” (whoever we are). But it also means that somehow my Right-Brain is taking precedence on all maneuvers involving socks, pants and shoes. And who knows what else!

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Poll: Where Does Your Pet Sleep?


Where Does Your Pet Sleep?

Nez (Jan 2011)

Ahhhh, morning!

I wake up, but my arm is still asleep. Why? Because there’s a cat on it, of course…

Nez (pictured above) was a very shy, skittish cat we got from a local shelter. She hid under the couch for the first 2 months, before moving cautiously to being under the coffee table. Now, as you can see, she’s very comfortable being out and about. Nez is a very sweet kitty, but not very zen (hence the name 😉 ).

Over the years, there have been over a dozen animals in various houses, and each with their own personality and quirky ways. Some like to sleep on the bare floor, some on carpet, in a pet bed, or even an old cardboard box.

Where does your favorite animal buddy like to sleep? Please let me know on the survey, and leave a comment if you have a special story…


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