I Can’t Turn This Light Off!


I Can’t Turn This Light Off!

Solar Tube Skylight

The photo above is of a new Solar Tube Skylight we just had installed in our house. It is really amazing and brings a lot of natural light into the room. The only problem is that it looks so much like a light fixture that I keep looking for the “off” switch!

Granted, it’s not really “on” all the time, even though the source of light (the sun) is always shining. Natural things like clouds, trees, birds, and of course nightfall affect how much light really shines through. Man-made items like buildings and aircraft also block the light.

The Light Inside

This all got me thinking about another equally important light… the light that shines within each of us. Like the sun, it too is always on, but can be obscured. Natural things like our mood, life events, self-doubt, and even the weather can make our light seem dim at times. External factors such as unkind words from others, negative work places, accidents, and financial issues also have an impact on how bright our light shines.

Care and Feeding for Your Light

Our light shines best and brightest when we are true to ourselves, conscious of others, and aware of our environment. Nobody shines at full power all the time. Give yourself leeway to try new things, learn and grow. Take mistakes in stride and laugh at yourself from time to time. Be open and giving to others. Help them find their light and yours will be all the more bright when it’s your turn to shine.

Artificial Light vs. Natural

There’s another light that is far too common in our world and in ourselves: the artificial light. You’ll recognize this in others when they seem fake, pushed, or like they’re trying way too hard. There is often an insecurity when the artificial light is on… a very tangible desperation. The artificial light says “I need something from you” whereas the natural light says “I have something for you”. If you can learn to recognize the difference between the artificial and natural light in yourself, you’ll be on your way to a more content path in life.

… This Little Light of Mine …

This all began with the installation of a skylight, and led to a number of personal insights for me. How many common things in our daily life have deeper messages waiting to reveal themselves? Look around and see with more than just your eyes…

Where We Got Our Solar Tube

For those of you interested in finding out more about Solar Tube Skylights, here’s a link to the company we bought ours from: Skylight Guys
… and here’s the exact model we purchased: Natural Light 10″ Tubular Skylight
The web site has a lot of information, and I also called them twice with questions – they were very helpful, and shipping was fast and free.


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