Buzzketing (Buzzword Marketing)


Buzzketing (Buzzword Marketing)

Hi gang,

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of marketing and buzzwords (*wink!*).

So, I’ve combined the two into a new word: Buzzketing!

Buzzketing (noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc.)

Excessive use of buzzwords in marketing media and presentations.
May be accompanied by a glazed look, rapid speech, 
and a desperate need for validation.

“But wait, Joe”, you may be saying, “How can I use Buzzketing to talketize my objectivization potentiameter kill-zone, whilst still conveying a negative info-quotient contentualized drop-package?”

(translation: you’d like to talk a lot while saying absolutely nothing)

Here’s how it’s done – give a listen!

Joe Backbehinder - Buzzketing Expert

Joe Backbehinder       Buzzketing Expert

(Or Watch on YouTube!)

Buzzketing – the Joe Backbehinder Way!

(full transcript)

My name is Joe Backbehinder, and I’m here to tell you how you can earn up to a thousand dollars or more in an unspecified period of time! Does your best practices paradigm have issues monetizing the full stratagem potential of a goal-oriented 36,000 foot vision quest? Do you need to fully realize your next-gen, cloudsourced, value-added content management system?

Modular convergent fuzzy-logic immersion innovation is our middle name.

We all need to leverage our sustainable globalization of a more responsive streamlined virtualized scalability. Can a nanotech enterprise service bus based exit strategy milestone really diversify share options in a web 2.0 brick-and-mortar portal outside the box? You be the judge!

Best-in-class Tiptronic synergy technology is the keystone of our forward focused holistic political capital. Think about your stakeholder’s spin-up mindshare bandwidth in relation to a best of breed transmedia survival strategy. Make sense now?

At the end of the day, our ballpark figure analytics can enable you to procure a win-win framework, and brand the low hanging fruit in your core competency empowerment to downsize your return on investment.

What are you waiting for? Be a proactive aggregator, attain alignment and engage in some face time with our reverse fulfillment offshore collaboration center. Why not download our mission critical cross-platform visibility solution and reclaim your company’s real-time sync-up today!?!?


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