Julius Sumner Miller


Julius Sumner Miller

An inspiration in science, learning, and character

Julius Sumner Miller

Julius Sumner Miller, American Physicist, 1909-1987

I first saw Julius Sumner Miller (pictured above) on reruns of his science show “Why is it so?” As a youngster still in grade school, his teachings and his personality both had a profound effect on me. He truly had a passion for physics and for teaching. His look and mannerisms practically scream “SCIENCE!”. If his goal was to get kids interested in science, math and physics, then it was a rousing success.

I later watched him in short segments on the Canadian comedy show “The Hilarious House of Frightenstein“, where he played The Professor.

He also appeared on Disney’s “The Mickey Mouse Club” as Professor Wonderful.

On each of these shows, and in lectures and books that he had written, his lively personality and zest for science comes through. Many times he would only reveal a portion of the answer, and leave it to the viewer to discover the rest for themselves. He not only understood the principles behind the lesson, but understood that he needed to spur interest in kids to want to learn.

Aside from his positive effects on me to study the sciences, he also inspired me to create my own version of him in this audio post:
Bananas! on “It’s Science!” with Professor Joseeum

I leave it to the reader to discover more about this amazing, unique man.

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