Bearly The Actor


Bearly The Actor
(a children’s story for grown-ups)
written by: Joe J Thomas
Bearly The Actor - Book Cover

      Bearly The Actor - Joe J Thomas

In the magical land of Hollis Woods, there once lived a little guy named Bearly.
He worked in the daytime at the honey mines, where everyone treated him fairly.

He rented a smallish room in a hollow tree
In a town where very little came free

But Bearly’s dream was much bigger than that – an actor was what he wanted to be!
With fame and awards and lots of honey in a mansion down by the sea!

All he needed was to be discovered by someone with connections in the biz
It didn’t matter that he lacked training, for ambition and raw talent were his!

At the diner wearing actor clothes, he drank a double decaf half latte mocha-chino drink
Every day he waited to be discovered, but as weeks passed his hopes began to sink

When one day in walked a beautiful woman dressed oh so keen and neat
She walked right up to Bearly and then she took a seat

“My name is Brandy Bruin”, she said and handed him her card
“I can see you want to be an actor, but I can make you into a star!”

“Just pay me a little of your honey and I’ll lead you on the way”
“You’ll get fame, awards and all your biggest dreams, doesn’t that sound OK?”

Bearly knew this was his chance, so he parted with some honey
He bought whatever Brandy told him… The future sure looked sunny!

He bought books and seminars and conferences and podcast classes
He paid for awards and equipment and web sites to reach the masses

She sold him marketing and branding and advertising too
Plus reels and coaching and a manager and recording tools

Before Bearly knew it, his honey was all gone
He couldn’t pay his rent and was kicked out at dawn

The honey mines had him fired for missing so much time
And Bearly was left without even a dime

Brandy found out he had no more stash
She got into her car that was loaded with cash

With a smile she said “It’s time for me to go”
“Besides you’ve already learned all you need to know”

Bearly was down and slept very poorly that night
But when he awoke he knew Brandy was right!

He had all he needed to become a success
She had shown him the way, he had to confess

So, “Bearly The Actor” was no longer his aim
For “Bearly The Mentor” is the path to riches and fame!

He came up with a slogan, alluring and clever
He wrote books and gave talks to further his endeavor

Soon Bearly was famous for being famous and the honey rolled in
He bought all of the things that were shiny and golden

Now Bearly The Mentor really had all of the goods
Honey and fame and the biggest hollowest tree in Hollis Woods

He’d learned his lesson that fateful day
And in his memoirs he was quoted to say:

“If your dreams aren’t enough to get all you desire,
Use the dreams of others to boost yourself higher!”


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8 thoughts on “Bearly The Actor

    • You hit me in the gut with this one.Wow.I was preparing my taxes over the weekend, and looking at all the money I had spent on vo training in 2015,then I went back to 2014.In 2014 I had spent a lot of time and money with a coach,legend and I thought a friend and mentor.Also in 2014 I suddenly was laid off from work,money became very tight, credit hit,ect. ect.,I had to back off training for a good while.Boom fair haired,talented student,friend,ect.status out the door After spending mush mush cash and credit with this person I became a very distant acquantance.I’ve made adjustments in my thinking,spending,investments since then,learned from mistakes, and still learning I’ve met some good honest people in the voiceover business,things are fine. I’ve read many blogs of late about predatory coaching,demo scams, but this was the better of allThank you for the story , I apologize for the rambling comment but this really hit home I will share, GREAT LOL !!!

      • Thank you, Steve. When you’ve been in the business long enough you’re bound to run into good guys and scam artists. I’ve certainly come across my share as well. Great comment… Much appreciated! Stay safe out there 🙂

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