Political Pause


Political Pause

I need a break. It’s only until after the US Presidential election is over, but I really want to take time to focus on what’s important in my life.

So… You’re never supposed to discuss politics or religion in polite company.

But it seems like polite company is getting more difficult to find.

I’ll let you in on some of my views in the rest of this post, then I’m signing out of Joe’s Dump.
The lights will come back on in November (although I may post something if the mood strikes me).

My Choice

Elections are all about choice. My choice in the CA primaries was for Bernie Sanders. I think he has some great, although a bit “pie in the sky” ideas. That being said, I’m going to vote for Hillary Clinton.

“But, Joe! (insert reasons against Hillary here)…”

Yeah, I know. Trust me. That’s one of the many differences between the political parties this time. Hillary supporters know. We know her failings. We know her strengths. It’s a realistic view of a complex person who’s been in politics for decades.

Even with her flaws, she is by far the best qualified of the two major party candidates running. Period. End of story.

If I needed surgery, I would look for a skilled surgeon. Not an auto mechanic. He might be the best mechanic there is, but this is not his area of expertise. Like it or not, Hillary knows politics, international relations, negotiation, the system, and all the areas involved in being a president.

Third Parties

“But, Joe! (insert vote for who you want, not who you don’t here)…”

I’ll cut to the chase on my view of Third Parties and their candidates: They need to start at the local level in order to build enough support to win the office of president. Forcing change from the top down is an insurmountable task. It’s not realistic to think any third party candidate could actually win. I’m not sure if they really can affect the election (though they have in the past), but why bother betting on a losing horse?

Once a third party has, say, 20% or more of the seats in the house, senate and local governmental offices, then I’ll consider them a serious contender for the president.

Donald J. Trump

Seriously? People would actually vote for this comic book con man? This third-rate used car salesman who can’t even sell gambling and alcohol to Americans without going bankrupt? Really? You can’t see he’s conning you?

“But, Joe! (insert outsider businessman thousands of jobs go USA whatever-phobic reason here)…”

I started out thinking he was such a joke. Then I saw how dangerous he is. And his rabid followers who will contort any amount of twisted reasons to justify the horrible things spewing from his mouth.

Now, I just think he’s got some serious mental and emotional issues going on. I hope he gets help. I don’t think that will happen. But I don’t wish him any harm. I want him to find some amount of peace in his life. It seems so occupied by fear, hate, greed, and defensiveness. That’s no way to live (“Believe Me”).

It’s telling how much turmoil the republican party is going through. Honestly, they brought it on themselves. They used to be so much better. I could have even voted for some of them in the past. Now… it’s just sad.

Advice for the Republican Party

I know they don’t want to hear it, but it’s time to split. There are two distinct groups in the party, and neither one is doing the other any favors.

It doesn’t matter who walks away and forms a new party. But that’s the only solution that will solve this without a long, painful battle. Just do it. Walk away. Show American that you can be a truly conservative, moral, small government party. It’s there – you just have to break away from “the other”.

… and what happens to “the other”? They are Americans too. And we need to understand why they’re so scared, angry and defensive. Like Trump, they need help. It’s easy to write them off, but they’re not going anywhere. Better that we try to understand and help them any way we can.

Otherwise, there’s just going to be a new Trump to lead them.

And I don’t want to go down that road. Ever.

Signing off for now – Good luck to us all in November.

Take care,


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6 thoughts on “Political Pause

  1. Nice polite rant, Joe. I do agree about 3rd parties gaining more momentum from the ground up. We could use some new around here locally is all I’m saying.

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