Tiny Art Boxes


Tiny Art Boxes

While cleaning out my garage, I kept running into lots of small collectibles and nonsense.

I also had a bunch of small, clear boxes (left over from chocolates!)

So… I combined the two to make some “Art Boxes”:
(click photo for large size)
Tiny Art Boxes - Joe's Dump


  • 1) glow in the dark items
  • 2) black and white 1×1 lego bricks
  • 3) party popper with confetti
  • 4) lego weapons, flags, etc.
  • 5) finger monsters
  • 6) tiny rubber chickens, parrots, babies, monkeys
  • 7) six-sided dice
  • 8) lego mini-figs
  • 9) gaming dice

What kind of tiny art have you made?


All content written and voiced by Joe J Thomas online at: JoeActor.com



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