Hair Play


Hair Play

You may recall three years ago, I decided to shave my head.
(if you’ve forgotten, here’s a picture)

Joe's Head Profile

Last year, I decided to grow my hair out into a tail.

So, let’s have some Hair Play and see what this baby’ll do!

I started out seeing how close I could get to a Klingon I’d voiced for Star Trek Online:

JoeActor Klingon

When Valentine’s Day rolled around, I tried on a kissy-face cupid:

JoeActor Kissy Face Cupid

How about a Flaming Samurai look?

JoeActor Flaming Samurai

… or from the wild west, Buffalo Bill Cody:

JoeActor Buffalo Bill Cody

And to wrap it up, Vigo The Carpathian from Ghostbusters II:

JoeActor Vigo The Carpathian

Do you have long hair? What’s hiding in your selfie closet?!?!?


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