DREAMNASIUM: Antiope in Black


DREAMNASIUM: Antiope in Black

Dreamnasium: Pendant Audio Drama
“Dreamnasium” is an anthology show adapting the short stories of Geoffrey Thorne, full of sci-fi, fantasy, mystery and intrigue!.

(listen to parts 1 and 2 below…)

DREAMNASIUM, episode 7 – “Antiope in Black” part 1
Flint has spent her life in the shadows, but she’s about to discover she’s not the only thing lurking in the dark!


Transcript available at pendantaudio.com (click here).
Release Date: September 9, 2019 Run Time: 17:18

DREAMNASIUM, episode 8 – “Antiope in Black” part 2
Flint learns the truth about her mission and Baba Yaga’s machinations!


Transcript available at pendantaudio.com (click here).
Release Date: September 16, 2019 Run Time: 14:06

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Featuring the voice talents of:
Barbra Dillon as Flint
Jack Calk as Mattock
Channe Nolen as Theta
Pete Milan as Hewdon
Jessie Moore as Brogrym
Joe J. Thomas as Skiff Control
Marte Brengle as Baba Yaga
Philip Weber as Meldrick
and Melissa Autumn Hearne as The Muse

Written by Jeffrey & Susan Bridges, based on the original short story
“Antiope in Black” by Geoffrey Thorne

Dreamnasium theme by Vincent Morrison
All other music by Josh Molen at TheTunePeddler.com

Directed by Paul Brueggemann

Produced by Pendant Productions
Executive Producers Jeffrey & Susan Bridges
This Production is copyright 2019 Geoffrey Thorne and Pendant Productions

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