59 Banana Back Pain


59 Banana Back Pain

Short version: I stopped eating bananas and my back pain has decreased drastically. My grey hair has also started going darker.

Disclaimer: This is a personal journey about my suppositions regarding my medical conditions. I am not a medical professional, so be sure to do your own research for your specific issues. Your mileage may vary. And be sure to check with your doctor before making any dietary, lifestyle, or medication changes.

The Full Story:
Many of you may know I’ve always been a bit obsessed with bananas. (click here for some Banana SCIENCE!) Since my twenties, I’ve eaten one or two a day. Always one in the morning, sometimes a frozen one at night. There’s a lot of good things in a banana (vitamin C, Potassium, Fiber, etc.).

Just before my 59th birthday, I had my yearly physical and blood test. Everything looked good, except my Potassium level was high. The doctor asked what I’d been eating. In addition to my usual banana per day, I’d also been snacking on kiwis, avocados, and dark green leafy veggies – all high in potassium. He recommended I cut back on some of the potassium rich foods, so I went cold turkey on bananas (cold bananas? Yum!)

Within a week of stopping, I started noticing some changes. My usual aches and pains decreased – especially my back pain. I suffer from sciatica that occasionally gets so bad that my right leg won’t support my weight. Excruciating pain and muscle weakness. I use a cane at those times. I had chalked it up to aging and spinal problems. But now, I was wondering how my high-potassium diet might be adding to the issues.

So, I checked in with a good friend who’s also a nutritionist. She told me that potassium and sodium are used by the muscles to contract and relax. Normally the levels are controlled by the kidneys, so excess potassium isn’t an issue. However, when the levels get too high, it can cause serious issues. Including heart problems!

Strange as it sounds, I was starting to put some pieces together. My sciatica, a benign cyst in one kidney, aches and pains… and the potassium from my daily banana.

I now believe that all of these factors contributed to my back pain and my muscle weakness.

Since I stopped, my muscles seem stronger, balance better, and even my hair has been darkening from its silvery grey tone to a darker brown/black.

The take-away: Sometimes a small change in diet or lifestyle can have dramatic results. Taking stock of ourselves, habits and health may be very beneficial in the long run.

I wish you all good health, and look forward to hearing about the changes going on in your lives…


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