Top Ten Reasons Why Joe Shaved His Head!


… and now…

The Top Ten Reasons Why Joe Shaved His Head!

Joe's Head Spin

Number 10:
Asked his stylist to get rid of his gray

Number 9:
Wanted new headshots – thought it was required

Number 8:
Needed to remove hair after a failed Guinness bubble-gum disaster

Number 7:
Ran out of shampoo

Number 6:

Bought a great hat that was just a *little* too small

Number 5:
Donated his hair to a Chia-pet rescue shelter

Number 4:
Felt wind resistance was slowing him down

Number 3:
Needed extra cooling for his “thinkin’ machine”

Number 2:
Started out by trying to even his sideburns

… and the Number 1 reason Joe shaved his head:

Number 1:
He did it for an acting job… then remembered he’s a voice actor

OK, so here are the real reasons:

Risk. Curiosity. Inspiration.

All of these were factors. I was curious what it would be like to be bald. The risk is minimal since hair grows back. And sometimes inspiration can come from impulsive actions.

Many of these same traits can be found in Improv. Being open to new scenarios. Taking chances. Playing to see what works and what doesn’t.

Will I grow my hair again or stay bald?

Only time will tell.


My wife said: “PUT IT BACK!!!

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10 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons Why Joe Shaved His Head!

  1. You know what I love about this? The impulsivity (if it’s not a word, it should be). I am a very impulsive person and that’s usually met with a raised eyebrow to my mental stability. Therefore, I have quashed that trait and that has led to me becoming quite beige. I don’t want to be beige. Being beige kills creativity. So you go Joe! Go and be a vibrant rainbow of color! Hopefully one of those colors will be that lovely fuzzy chocolate brown on top of your head haha!!!

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