Great Great Aunt Agatha Kensington


Great Great Aunt Agatha Kensington

a story book with pictures… by Joe J Thomas

Great Great Aunt Agatha Kensington book cover

Great Great Aunt Agatha Kensington

Great Great Aunt Agatha KensingtonMy family has a secretive past

Of memories haunting the best of ‘em

From the first of us to the very last

About Great Great Aunt Agatha Kensington

OLD-House-Wallpaper-webHer eyes were gleaming, foreboding and dark

With a neck bejeweled and pale

She had a mansion with a beautiful park

And a swamp all boggy and stale

BeardMan-webShe sewed up her husband into the sheets

When he dallied with another lass

Shaved half of his beard and sanded his feet

For his daring to be so crass

HippoMan-webMy cousins claim she gave them a ride

In a cart that was pulled by a hippo

It always was a great source of pride

That they all got to go on that trip… oh!

CatSeeker-webHer sister, it’s said, wore a cat on her back

With a beard of the finest silk

She kept her in a burlap sack

And fed them both nothing but milk

ChickenMen-webThe neighbors complained of her daily abuse

When she caught a fox with the chickens

Aunt Agatha pried a tree limb loose

She gave that poor creature the dickens

GoatMan-webGreat Great Aunt Agatha Kensington swore

She met the Grim Reaper one day

There’s rumors she captured him outside the door

And forced him to go on his way

GGAAK-face-webSo should you perchance meet a woman at night

With jewelry and darkest of eyes

Best hide when you can… stay out of her sight!

Lest Aunt Agatha be your demise!


All content written and voiced by Joe J Thomas online at:



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