Other Than Me… Joe


Other Than Me… Joe

“Joe Thomas” is a fairly common name.

When I first moved to LA, I even had a producer look at my headshot and ask me “Hmmm… Joe Thomas – What’s your real name?”

So, I was wondering how many other notable Joes there are out there.

(thankfully, Google ranks my pages first for “Joe J Thomas” or “Joe Thomas Voice”)

Here’s a short list of some of the other Joes out there:

… and of course, there’s me!
Joe J Thomas: Voice Actor
Joe J Thomas - Voice Actor

I was named after my father, Joe J Thomas (thanks, Dad!!!)… he was a famously nice, hard working great guy. No doubt that he and Mom were the reason I’m who I am today.

Have you ever searched the net for your name?

Who did you find?


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4 thoughts on “Other Than Me… Joe

  1. Great post, Joe! Enjoyed seeing who else is a Joe Thomas, and especially enjoyed your sweet tribute to Dad and Mom- as the kids would say, it got me right in the feels 🙂
    Many hugs!

  2. For one thing, that is one HIP profile pic, my friend. Do you get many “…you look like Peter Weller from ‘Robo-Cop.'” comments? ‘Cause you friggin’ do.

    But you don’t look anything like these “Joe’s”…although the guy in the NASCAR outfit holding up two huge fish may be a LOOK you ought to pursue. Just saying.

    As for my name, and besides being just another “Bob”, there aren’t many Bob Loza’s out there of any note, except for me apparently. There was one Robert Loza in Texas who had been convicted of a felony, and a really lame Youtube re-enactment of “To Kill a Mockingbird” featuring a fellow US-Latino named Bob Loza.

    You’ll have to go to the San Miguel del Alto region of Jalisco MX to find a LOT of Loza’s. But thank you, Mr. Joe, for your post AND for contributing so much to our actor community.

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