Joe Beatnik


“The Purple Flower”

A Spoken-Word Poem

by Joe Beatnik
      The Purple Flower by Joe Beatnik

~~~ The Purple Flower (spoken word poem by Joe Beatnik) ~~~

I call this poem… The Purple Flower!
Can you dig it?
I… speak… in… staccato… words.
Then the text it flows like a gush of water from a fire hose.
Sometimes, it is introspective and quiet
And when I am shouting to show my frustration and anger.
I pause…
For dramatic effect.
The poem is made of words and sometimes numbers
Seven! Three! Fifteen-hundred and thirty seven!
A list of things. An enumeration. A set of bullet-points. A laundry list. A shopping list. A task list.
Pleading with others to hear my plight!
And in the end, the audience is touched.
Because I have said things on a stage.
Can you dig it?


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