The Power of Voice Over


The Power of Voice Over

As voice actors, we often get caught up in the process, and forget the impact that our voices can have on a production.

Recently, I saw a car commercial from Lincoln named “Olivia’s Wish List”. It was a very cute spot featuring a girl in a car who makes wishes on a snow globe. She wishes for snow, toys, dancing. The audio track is only music (The Philadelphia Orchestra “Suite for Variety Orchestra No. 1: VII. Waltz No. 2”).

I wondered how much the feel of the commercial could be changed by adding a voice over track. I chose a more sinister take than the original, but everything else (video, music) is the same.

Here’s my take on the commercial: “Olivia’s Evil Wish”

… and for your reference, the original is here:

(old youtube was watch?v=_0LseZ5BlnI)

What other ways could you interpret this spot? How can your voice breath life into the productions you’re involved in?

Stay creative, my friends!


All content written and voiced by Joe J Thomas online at:



8 thoughts on “The Power of Voice Over

    • Thanks, but it was not meant to match the original subtle tone of the spot. Ominous is where I was aiming to show the contrast.

  1. Mister Joe. First of all, excellent audio work.
    Not yet having read your message, I listened to your “amended” version first. It sounded like a real commercial…..only about half-way thru I thought ‘hey, this is friggin’ Joe’s voice’. I’m so smart.

    So going back thru the whole ‘exercise’ your point is well made, my friend. The original production is itself very well done, and yet so not in MY demographic that I would appreciate just for that.

    OTH, why not a voice-over? As you admit, your delivery was ‘darker’ than needed (aye, you’re a devil in thin disguise, lad) but certainly brought the scene into immediate focus. So it’s better I saw your version first, I think.

    My ‘professional’ notes? ok, your delivery was spot-on. The copy was well-written and effective….if a bit ‘stilted’. (well, I’m sure we could work that out, maybe slow down the pace a bit) Your voice and ‘accent’ was, IMO, damn near almost good enough. Obviously a more sub-urban ‘Patrick Stewart’ would be the casting choice….but hey, why not some edge? Excellent work.

    Stay creative, indeed.

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