Mooseferatu: Midnight of the Elk

Mooseferatu: Midnight of the Elk (Joe's Dump)

(an original winter’s poem by Joe J Thomas)


Gather round, my calves, and you shall hear
A chilling tale of dread and fear
When day turns to night and you hear a deep “Mooooooo”!
Outside in the dark roams Mooseferatu!

He walks through the bog with his antlers aglow
A frightening sight that few shall dare know
For those who aren’t careful, he jumps from the trees
They shout in sheer terror and fall to their knees

Above all he looms – seven feet at the shoulder
Just seeing his shadow will make you feel colder
The wings on his back, sharp fangs in his mouth
There’s no use in running to the north or the south

If lady luck stands by you this winter’s night
Perhaps you’ll escape the horrible sight
Some say he’s a myth, a legend or lore
They whisper it quietly while barring the door

So when you go out in winter’s cold chill
Be certain you are wary behind every hill
Keep to the highlands – don’t go down below
Or risk Mooseferatu’s dark mournful lowe!


All content written and voiced by Joe J Thomas online at:



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