Top 10 VO Scam Signs


Top 10 VO Scam Signs

Scams are rampant in the Voice Over industry. So how can you spot one?

Here are my “Top 10” signs for VO Scams (in no particular order):

  • Promises you’ll make millions (or even billions)
  • Gives you a “professional” demo at the end of a very expensive class
  • Tells you all you need is a microphone and their exclusive secret method
  • Claims to be famous but only has 1 IMDB credit (and it’s a short film where they’re the director/producer/star/etc.)
  • Runs a “Pay-To-Play” site
  • Their website has misspellings.. a *lot* of misspellings.
  • Lists student success stories, but you can’t find any of the students online
  • Has their own demos on a free Wix site, Soundcloud, or V123
  • All of their “insider industry connections” are pictures of them with famous people at conventions
  • You can’t find anyone who admits being trained by them

The best protection against being scammed: Do your research. Ask around. Be cautious.

It’s your responsibility to protect your money, career and reputation.

Good luck out there!


All content written and voiced by Joe J Thomas online at:



10 thoughts on “Top 10 VO Scam Signs

  1. Hi Joe!
    In your blog you wrote: “runs a pay-to-play site” as one of your scams. I run a pay-to-play site. Explain to me what makes that a scam?


    Kevin West
    Partner VOPlanet

    • Hi Kevin,

      Actually I was thinking more in terms of the conflict of interest when P2P sites or Agents also sell coaching services.
      (and to be 100% honest, I am not a fan of the 2 “top” sites v123 and VDC)

      No offense against VOPlanet. I really don’t have enough personal experience with your site to have an opinion, good or bad.


  2. Mi compadre, Joe. Sounds exaggerated, but true in my experience. Check in with Patti first, but next time you make it to Voices Anon, let’s make it a topic.

    Don’t take any plug nickels.

  3. Scary but True information, thank you so very much for letting everyone know. It’s so refreshing to know that if you have a problem, question, suggestion or information you want to share. The people of the Voice Over industry are here to help in way, they can…no strings attached.

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