Compound Words That Aren’t


Compound Words That Aren’t

The Cambridge Dictionary defines “Compound Words” as follows:

Compound words
A compound word is two or more words linked together to produce a word with a new meaning:
tooth + brush = toothbrush eco + friendly = eco-friendly animal + lover = animal lover

However, there are some words that could be Compound Words… but aren’t.

Some examples are:

  • Furrow: (Fur + Row) a straight line of hair on an otherwise hairless area
  • Pigeon: (Pig + Eon) a really long time for a large pink farm animal
  • Legion: (Leg + Ion) one or more charged particles in a lower limb
  • Parking: (Par + King) when a person does really well at golf
  • Cooking: (Coo + King) the most powerful bird in the city

Can you come up with more examples?

If so, comment below and I’ll add them!



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