Month Old Blender Donut


Month Old Blender Donut

Why did it take me over a month to make a donut and coffee?

Because it’s not real!

Most of this scene was made in “Blender”, a 3-d modeling and animation software program. That includes the Donut, Coffee, Plates, Cup, Spoon, Wall and Counter.

The animation was also (partially) done in Blender. However, I’m only running on a laptop, and graphics processing takes a loooooooonnnnngggg time. It took my system 4 hours to generate one second of animation!

So, to make the final video a bit longer, I padded it out with other tricks.

  • It starts out with a static image of the coffee on the table.
  • The donut slides in (1 second of real animation).
  • Added steam to the coffee (green screen fx), and a glowing logo.
  • Used background audio and plate sliding sfx to finish the scene.

The logo was generated separately and added as an overlay in my video editor (Vegas). I also added a green screen movie of some steam for the coffee (found on YouTube). All of these embellishments make it *seem* that there’s 10 seconds of animation. But that would have taken 40 hours or more on my system.

Here’s the final still shot from my project (click for full-size):

Joe-Nut Donut (Blender)

Joe-Nut Donut (Blender)

So… Anyone else take the Donut challenge?



Blender (program site):
Donut Tutorial (Blender Guru): Blender Guru Donut Tutorial (YouTube)
Blender Guru (main site):


All content written and voiced by Joe J Thomas online at:



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