The Least Interesting Actor In The World!


The Least Interesting Actor In The World!


In his spare time, he sits alone at a well-known diner, waiting to be discovered.

He has a check made out to himself for a million dollars, since that’s how Jim Carrey did it.

Disney is on his resume… because he once visited the theme park.

He thinks that having his picture taken with someone famous makes him famous.

The phrase “It’s all about who you know” doesn’t apply to him, as he doesn’t know anybody.

He truly believes that if only Johnny Depp hadn’t been cast, the role would have been his.

He knows that once he upgrades his home studio, his booking ratio will skyrocket.

His agent charges him a monthly fee, and won’t admit to knowing him.

When competing for a job, he takes advice from his competitors.

After paying thousands of dollars to discover his “brand”, he found out it was Wonder Bread.

He’s positive that his complete lack of training is offset by his overabundance of raw talent.

If he’s chosen in the top 3, it’s because he’s the only one who auditioned.

He is… The Least interesting Actor In The World!

“I don’t ever get cast, but I can quote you statistics on all of my failures…”


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