It Arts So Good


It Arts So Good

with your host Aruba Borealis

Outstanding In My Field by Aruba Borealis

Outstanding In My Field
by Aruba Borealis

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Hola, and welcome to “It Arts So Good”.

I am your gracious host, Aruba Borealis, your guide into the fascinating world of the art.

Come with me as we explore what is, and what is not, the art.

First allow me, Aruba Borealis, to speech at you why I am eminently qualified to espouse on the topic of the art. You see I have no training, and do not read the art magazines, visit the art museums, or purchase at the auctions of the art. It is only from this completely uninformed and unbiased position that one can truly judge the quality and durability of the art.

In this teachings, I will impart to you my top three rules of how to tell the art from not the art.

Number one: If I can make it, it is not the art. This includes canvas paintings of all one color, things made from sewer pipes, and anything created on a Xerox machine.

Next, the number two: The more moneys it will sell for, the more the art it is. Sometimes an artsy gallery will tell you how much the art is right next to the art. These are the types of galleries of the art I like very much. Do not trust the art without the price-tag.

And finally and almost importantly, number three: Nobody can tell you what the art is. Except for me, Aruba Borealis. And you can’t always talk to me. So, be sure to memorize these three rules, then immediately forget them. This is the only ways you can know for certain what is the art.

I know you have enjoyed this little chat with me, Aruba Borealis.

You should to come back next time, when I tell you how you can tell the artist from not the artist.

In parting, Aruba Borealis tells to you, be kind and be the art.

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