Solarix: Video Game in Development

Genetic experiments.

Infected crew mates.

Trapped in deep space, you are the sole survivor.

Just a “loose end” for the corporation to tie up.

Hiding… running… searching for a way out.

I am watching you. Do you see me?

Will you find the truth before a swift, brutal end claims your life?

Solarix is an independent FPS horror game for Steam and the Xbox.
Currently in development by an international team at Pulsetense Games, the drive and dedication of all involved has been inspiring.

I’d landed a voice role early in the development process, and just finished recording my part. I can’t tell you much about the character (he’s, uh, complicated ;-). But being an observer during the game development has been fascinating. It’s given me many insights into the challenges and opportunities open to independent game companies. I’m really hoping the Pulsetense team knocks this one out of the park!

Below, you’ll find a gallery of some of the game’s artwork and screens.

And if you’d like to follow the progress or find out more about the development of the game, please visit their official site at:
Pulsetense Games: Solarix


All content written and voiced by Joe J Thomas online at:



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