Culinary Quickies! (Henderson episode 3)


Henderson’s Culinary Quickies!

Henderson Moment Episode 3:



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~~~ Transcript: ~~~
Hello folks! My name’s Henderson, and this is my moment.

On today’s Henderson moment, I’m gonna tell you all about my quickies!
Culinary quickies, that is.
Rule number one in the Henderson Kitchen is: Never touch your appliances!
Actually, that’s good advice all around.
Remember, kids, appliances are dangerous and you should never mess with them.
So, what’s a happenin’ dude like me to do when he’s hungry for some man-chow?
Take out and Pizza! Yeah!
But what if you’re stuck in the house due to a freak sharknado?
Snack foods to the rescue!
I always keep the following on hand: Clamato, Cheeze-Wiz, Moon Pies,
and a favorite with the ladies: my Slim Jim and the Corn-Nuts!
These handy-dandy items can keep a man fortified until the real food arrives.
Or until mom has time to make me something yummy.
The only thing missing is my new patented product:
Henderson’s Beer-In-A-Box!
(they already make that!)
What! Someone beat me to the Beer-In-A-Box idea?!?!
I bet they didn’t think of the Bag-O-Beer!
(yes they did)
Dang it!
This has been the Henderson moment. Yeah!

Slim Jim and the Corn Nuts


All content written and voiced by Joe J Thomas online at:


Henderson character origin and idea by Jeffrey Bridges and Susan Bridges of Pendant Audio:



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