Goal Deluxe


Goal Deluxe


We’re bombarded by them every day. Some of us even get paid to speak them.

But what if the words were changed?
What if they only made sense when you read them out loud?

Here’s a classic fairy tale rewritten using totally different words, yet understandable when spoken.

Listen to “Goal Deluxe Sander Tree Beers


Goal Deluxe Sander Tree Beers

~~~ Transcript ~~~
Alit Dulls Dory: Goal Deluxe Sander Tree Beers

Won sap pun a tine dare washer ladle gull culled Goal Deluxe
zoo leave din dissenter offer lodge forced widow mutter hander

Ones, window ladle gull and/or pear rents swear aweigh, dare
hop penned topaz buy tree beers — ham other beer, ha dotty beer,
inner ladle bay be beer.

Sea ingot dough row pin, bay be beer win tinfoil ode buys modern fodder.
Dot repairs wondered true Goal Deluxe souse: day eight parch;
day satin cheers; sand atlas day fellow slip into tree bids.

Wend Goal Deluxe inner mud rend fodder god hum, daze awe sun
thin whirs rung. “Sum bodice bin neat tender parch,” sad Goal
Deluxe, “an day aided awl! …Handsome bodice bins it ten end
dough’s cheers!”

Gong Hindu turbid run, Goal Deluxe led otters cream:
“Sum bodice bin slipping inner bids anthers till dare!”

Herring hearse cream, dot repair sleep tout ha bet innate Goal
Deluxe sander pear rents sup.

Ream embark ids: Led slipping beers lye.


All content written and voiced by Joe J Thomas online at: JoeActor.com



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