(conspiracy theory)


Conspiracy Theory: Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy from the halls of power
Governments, Religions, Industries
They meet in secret
Secured in VPN tunneled chats
In person at clandestine locations
Guarded by muscle, money and technology
The powerful ones decide
Which Conspiracy Theory to foster
Keep the masses busy… Preoccupied
Angry at something, or someone else
Like jingling the keys in front of an infant
We watch, and talk, and argue
While they do whatever they want
And they get away with it
Because we are easily led
Conspiracy Theories
Terrorists, Vaccines, UFOs, Planetary Alignment
They push them out to the publicity machine
Like drug dealers to the junkies
And the truth is buried under a mountain of meaningless noise
This is my Conspiracy Theory Conspiracy Theory

Guardian of the Internet


All content written and voiced by Joe J Thomas online at: JoeActor.com



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