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Fiverr Ten
A desperate guy named Ted
Wrote a Fiverr ad which read:
“For five bucks I’ll voice”
“Whatever’s your choice”
“And for ten you’ll get breakfast in bed!”

DAW, Doh!
Is your system a Mac or PC?
When you’re starting VO
It’s important to know
What’s better? Protools or Adobe?

Re: Union
The union will give you a say
As a group we have more sway
The only real issue
Is they’ll never get you
Consistent jobs that will pay

Headset Mike
An eager young voice over tyke
Had a YouTube that got lots of like
With a gamer’s PC
And some software that’s free
He records with a headset mike

Pacing Copy
Fast reading is handy, I guess
But sometime’s the copy’s a mess
“Can you read War and Peace?”
“But speak it with ease…”
“And do it 30 seconds or less!”

VO Goldmine
Make money in VO all day!
Not a word do you have to say.
Write a book people buy,
Give some coaching a try,
Or start up your own Pay-To-Play!

Voice over impressions are great
At a party or out on a date
But seeking a job
By doing SpongeBob
Will get you no food on your plate

Trailer Blazer
Trailers can drive you insane
They just don’t sound right in my brain
With lots of impostors
On agency rosters
They’ll never match Don LaFontaine


All content written and voiced by Joe J Thomas online at: JoeActor.com



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