Windows 10


Windows 10

I got the notice in my tray that I could get a free upgrade to Windows 10

I read all the previews.

I read all the dire warnings.

I checked with equipment manufacturers sites to verify compatibility.
(Click HERE to see the full configuration of my system)

Then, I foolishly scheduled it to install on 8/8/2015.

Forty minutes after it started, it was done.

And everything works!

… Well, almost everything.

It still has the same strange bug when I put it in sleep or hibernate mode. (See below. Please help if you’re a techie!)

Other than that, it seems a bit faster, has some nice new features, and so far I like it better than Windows 8.

So, my advice? Verify all your equipment and drivers. Upgrade a laptop or secondary computer of you can first. Then double check that everything works properly before upgrading your main machine. And if it doesn’t work, don’t blame me! (There is a built in way to downgrade back to your old version, or so I’m told )

Good luck!

P.S. Here’s the info on my strange bug of you can help. When I put the system in sleep or hibernate, it sometimes loses the connection to my USB mixer (Alesis MultiMix 8 USB). It also resets my screensaver timeout to 1093 seconds. Weird, huh? I have gotten it to work correctly if I turn off the mixer before going into sleep mode, then turn it back on after the system wakes up. Any advice greatly appreciated!


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11 thoughts on “Windows 10

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    • Ha! I hear you. I’m a Linux guy from way back, but it’s just not compatible with all of my audio equipment. Enjoy your Ubuntu!

  2. Just be aware that Win 10 plays fast and loose with ALL your personal data. That is why it’s free. If you insist on using it, at least turn off the spyware that is on BY DEFAULT.
    Google it to find out and the remedy.

    Good luck!

    • Agreed – Gotta be careful during setup. Don’t take all the automatic choices. There are options to turn a lot of the data/info sharing features off (and I have 😉

    • I’m no expert on Windows 10 or AA.

      My version of Audition is 3.0 and it seems to be ok – no guarantees on yours.
      Depends on too many factors (your computer, mixer, mic, software, drivers, etc)
      Best bet is to check in with Adobe and your equipment manufacturers on Win 10 compatibility.

  3. Thanks for the post Joe.
    Many sperts, say the Security holes in 10 are MANY. It is apparently an “open door”
    for lots of “monitoring” by….just about everyone in that game.
    Look forward to any new posts on the matter. 🙂

    “An upgrade, very seldom is”

  4. So far so good with Audacity and Sound Forge. The only issue I had was that the upgrade reset all my external sound card settings, which were easily put back.

    • Glad it’s working for you, Dan. I’ve installed it on two systems, and each is running OK, but they both needed some tweaks after the upgrade.

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